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Urban Dictionary: cooler A hand in poker in which a person with a very strong hand (often the 2nd best possible hand) is beaten by the best possible hand (usually a very rare full house, four of a kind, or straight flush).I wasn't letting go of my Ace-high flush. How could I put him on a straight flush? What a cooler! Top 5 Sickest Poker Coolers - Somuchpoker Somuchpoker Newsroom. Our Media team is composed by men and women from Asia and Europe dedicated to poker and passionate about sharing stories. More Posts - Twitter - Facebook - Google Plus - Instagram - YouTube. Download game The Cool Poker Game APK latest version A fun poker card game using classic rules. The only exception is that if two hands match (e.g. both players have a full house, or both players have ace high) then the pot is carried over to the next game. You play against the artificial intelligence player over as many games as you choose.

Un cooler o ventilador es un componente que se utiliza como complemento fijado a los disipadores de calor en las computadoras haciendo fluir el aire caliente que emana de los microprocesadores, también van en la fuente de poder y otras partes del gabinete, su función es circular el aire caliente y extraerlo del gabinete.

'Cooler' o aire acondicionado, ¿cuál elegir? | El Informador ... El aire es filtrado, enfriado y deshumificado en el mismo aparato. Estos sistemas de refrigerante a base de compresor son enfriados por aire, lo que significa que utiliza aire para el intercambio de calor, de la misma manera que un coche o acondicionador de aire estándar. El sistema deshumidifica el aire a medida que se enfría. Cooler - Glossario dei Termini del Poker | PokerStrategy.com

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What does the term "cooler" mean in poker? | Yahoo… A cooler means that you had a really good hand, your opponent just happened to have a better one. Nothing you could do, you couldn't have played the hand any differently, you lost all your chips (usually), but don't worry, it was just a cooler. Having pocket Queens against pocket Kings... Words Cool and Poker-faced are semantically related or have… Poker-faced and cool are semantically related In some cases you can use " Poker-faced" instead an adjective "Cool". Nearby Words: coolness, coolly, cooler, cooled, cooling.

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Liga Española Poker (@ligaESpoker) | Twitter En diciembre (11-16) tendremos la GRAN FINAL de la #LÑP3.Y es un placer anunciaros que se jugará en su totalidad en @CasinoGranMad COLÓN !!! Sin duda una gran noticia para nosotros que nos permitirá desarrollar la fiesta de poker que queremos. No me anda el cooler de la ATI - hard-h2o.com